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Black Paths Cycle Tour

To celebrate Bike Week this year, several events were held on the Black Paths. With the support of Live Here Love Here and ABC Council we organised two tours of the Black Paths, intended to showcase the incredible active travel network stretching from Craigavon to Portadown & Lurgan.

The tours lasted around 2 hours and covered 20km of the overall 40km network. The tours left from the South Lake Leisure Centre and with the first 10km spent exploring the vast network of paths, underpasses and green spaces in the residential Brownlow area before coming back to explore the retail area of Highfield. We finished off by lapping both lakes and returning to the leisure centre.

The tours covered some of the history, geography, engineering and thinking behind the creation of Craigavon and the Black Paths active travel network.

Keep an eye out for more tours this summer – in the meantime here’s a quick taste of our tour of the Black Paths.