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The Lakes

A short, flat 5km journey around both lakes
Suggested routes highlighted in yellow.

Route details

Distance: 5km

Time: approx 20 mins

Experience: Beginner

Surface: Good surface

Bike parking: To rear South Lakes leisure centre

Traffic:Traffic free

GPX file: View on Strava

Starting from the South Lakes Leisure Centre, this is a good warm up before selecting another routes and heading into the rest of the network. You can travel in either directions on wonderfully smooth tarmac. You'll pass under the Portadown–Lurgan railway line at 2 points on the trip, one through an underpass and the other where the South lake drains into the North.
Half-way around the top lake you can take a quick detour into Tannaghmore Gardens and Farm - there's also a play-park if you're with children. Back again toward the Leisure Centre where there's a café and other facilities. You might want to load up another route at this stage and go exploring further into the Black Paths.